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Office Boy

Job Summary

We are looking for Office Boy a person who is a beginner in practical life who is credited with simple tasks such as obtaining mail or bringing coffee and lunch to the work team in a spirit of cooperation in the growth and prosperity of the company.

Responsibilities & required

  • Answer and forward phone calls and messages.
  • Provide details of the callers and office visitors
  • Control the use of devices and supplies within the workplace.
  • Dealing with inquiries and needs of visitors and employees.
  • Assist all department employees in a wide range of responsibilities in the workplace.
  • Collection and distribution of couriers or parcels between workers and initial and research messages.
  • Deliver and send faxes and carry out any related research projects.
  • Update consultation schedules, create travel deals, perform word processing, basic accounting, and processing.
  • Training new employees regarding the responsibilities of the labor office when needed.
  • Assist colleagues, employees, or other management personnel to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Training of other coworkers in the workplace to do a good job using computer applications and maintaining the efficiency of workplace methods and procedures.
  • Cooperate with employees in the workplace to maintain appropriate communications and a friendly environment within the office.

Skills & qualifications

  • Knowledge of office and management techniques.
  • Knowledge of customer service methods and concepts.
  • Good interaction capabilities and professional personal presentation.
  • You must be loyal, honest, and trustworthy
  • Education and qualifications
  • High school diploma with basic office skills.
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