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Script Writer

Job Summary

We are looking forward to a script Writer, which can generate ideas and bring life to the team And the goal is to contribute with the work team to reach the goals of the company

Responsibilities required

  • Get feedback on the first working draft from producers or text editors
  • As well as the search for basic materials
  • Setting the scenario as agreed upon with the administration and the work team
  • Come up with topics and ideas
  • Prepare short summaries of ideas and sell them to producers or development managers
  • Retype the text if necessary
  • Develop believable plots and characters
  • Work to communicate with agents and producers

Skills & qualifications

  • The ability to create new storylines and characters of interest to film and television production companies.
  • Good communication skills, especially when working on projects involving large groups – usually used in movies and TV shows.
  • He can communicate well with staff
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