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Social Media Specialist

Job Summary

We are looking for a social media specialist who has a competitive spirit and is very diligent who can implement the strategic plans laid down by the team and find new opportunities and to reach the best results

Responsibilities & required

  • Implementing and managing account strategies on media and social communication
  • Follow-up and identification of the most important indicators of performance through social networking sites
  • Development, management, and supervision of media content on social platforms
  • Emphasizing the success of all advertising campaigns through social media
  • Constant access to the events of social media technologies
  • Sufficient experience in using social media marketing tools
  • Attending learning courses to develop skills
  • Work with the team to find useful and attractive content
  • Monitor search engines and offer suggestions for improving search engine results like Google
  • Communicating with the owners of groups and influential pages via social media to create a strong network

Skills & qualifications

  • Proven years of experience as a specialist for social media platforms
  • Carry out the plan carefully and stick to the required details
  • Excellent knowledge of, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Google and the times required for them
  • Understand SEO and monitor visitor traffic
  • Experience in making the monthly report to the target audience
  • Good understanding of the main tools and indicators for social media
  • The multitasking skills attributed to him at the same time
  • team spirit and cooperation
  • Good time management skills
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