Animation Graphic

Animation and animated videos are a great way to talk to your audience and are often integrated into live videos. Illustrations and animations are designed to insert rich or very simple messages or information. Here are some types of animation graphics:

3D animation

It is the most common type of animation that is currently used in movies and TV shows. This is also the same type of animation used to create digital characters and animation for video games.

2D animation

This is the type of animation you might be familiar with. Characters draw a frame with a frame directly on the computer using a tablet or Wacom Cintiq screen. So, we can add the smallest details to these graphics and reach amazing results

Stop the movement

This is done by drawing objects from the imagination or the real world on many variables and photographing one frame at a time. When presented with chain suspicions, it creates these frames and is the movement required to express the desired message.


The animation focuses on providing dynamic and interesting displays for moving logos and illustrations, which you will find in most commercials, demo videos, sporting events, and TV production.


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  • 1 Day Shooting
  • 12 Video < 1 – 1:30 > Duration
  • Sound Design
  • Graphic In/Outro
  • Logo Motion Free


  • 35 Pic Full Edite
  • 1 Day Shooting
  • Indoor Studio
  • Mack Up Artist
  • Photo Montage

Equipent Package

  • Camera Canon 5d IV
  • 2 Lence 24/105-70/200
  • Wireless Hand Mic
  • Arri Light 650
  • Technician
  • 20% off any service

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